The Small Brew Companion

Getting Started


Okay I have downloaded the software, what is the installation process?


I’ve installed the software, what do I do next?

Connecting Pico To The Software

Now that the software is installed and configured how do I connect my Pico to the software?

Installation, Configuration, Mobile Hotspot Setup and Connecting Your Z to The Small Brew Companion

Getting to know the small brew companion

Creating A Brewing Profile

A brewing profile is basically a set of instructions that the machine will follow to brew the beer.

Creating A Profile Image

On the Pico S and Pro models a brewing image is displayed on the screen of the machine.  On the Pico C model only the name of the brewing profile / recipe will be shown.

BeerXML Compatible Recipe Creator

The Recipe Creator is currently available in the Community Version.

See Download Information for more details.

BeerXML Basics

Creating A Recipe

Additional Features