Adding A Brewing Profile For The Pico C/S/Pro

Adding a brewing profile to a recipe allows the recipe to be brewed by your Pico C/S/Pro as well as you can share the recipe with so they too will have the brewing profile that was used to brew the beer. To start creating a brewing profile for the Pico C/S/Pro click on the Pico Profile button located below the Brewing Steps heading.

The Pico C / S / Pro Brewing profile has a few different options. On the left side contains the brewing steps the Pico will complete to brew the beer. The right side contains the Recipe Name, ABV, IBU and also a brewing image can be selected to be shown on the Pico S and Pro screen during the brewing session.

Unless you want to create your own brewing steps the easiest way is to select the Recommend an Infusion Schedule Based On Beer Style. These have been created based on the style of beer and have been fine tuned over the years. For Our House Stout let’s use the easy option and click the box next to the Recommend an Infusion Schedule Based On Beer Style.

You will now see the infusion schedule has been filled in for you! It doesn’t get any easier than that!!

Additionally you have two other options below the Infusion Schedule.

You can click on the Information button below these options for more information about these. For Our House Stout let’s use the First Wort Hopping option which is the default option.

The Pre-Hop Boil Option allows your Pico to boil the wort prior to switching to the first hop. Since our longest hop is 60 minutes and we set the Boil Time for the recipe to 60 minutes we do not need this to take place so we can leave the default No option. If for example we had our Boil Time set to 75 minutes and our longest hop was 60 minutes we would choose the Yes option so the Pico would boil the wort for 15 minutes before starting the first hop addition.

Since our Recipe already has a name and the ABV and IBU amounts have already been calculated from our recipe this information has already been filled in for our recipe. If the recipe was going to be brewed on the Pico S or Pro we could select an image from the options. Since this is a Stout let’s select the Brewing a Stout image.

If you would like to review the brewing profile to see all of the steps your Pico is going to complete during its brewing session you can click the Review Brewing Profile button.

You can click the Close button located at the top right of the Pico C/S/Pro Brewing Profile Review to close the screen.

Your Pico C/S/Pro brewing profile is now complete!