Display Issues (Cannot See All Of The SBC Screens)

If the right side of the screen is getting cut off your computer is either displaying in too low of a resolution or the scaling mode it set to high.

Close SBC and then RIGHT CLICK anywhere on the desktop that doesn’t contain an icon (i.e. a blank spot on the desktop). This will display a menu that will look like the one below. Left click on the Display settings option.

On the Display settings window you will want to look at two settings. First make sure the Display Resolution is 1366 x 768 or greater. If your display is set to a lower resolution try changing that option and then see if it corrected the issue.

Most of the time the issue is with the Scale and layout setting. If this setting is set to higher than 100% then click on the down arrow located to the right of the percentage (i.e. 125%) and change it to the next lower value. In this case it was set to 125% and the next lower value is 100% so you would select the 100% value.

Now run SBC and see if the issue has been corrected. If it has not repeat the process again selecting a lower Scale and layout percentage.