Using The Diagnostics & Repair Feature

If your Pico device is not able to connect to SBC you can use the Diagnostics & Repair feature to automatically fix some of the most common issues. To access the Diagnostic & Repair feature start by clicking on the Configuration Tab followed by the Configure SBC button.

You’ll find the Diagnostics & Repair button located at the bottom right of the screen.

Clicking the Diagnostics & Repair button will product a couple of message boxes as shown below.

After clicking Yes and then Ok, SBC will close and the Diagnostics N AutoFix will load.

It’s recommended that you run the Diagnostics N AutoFix first to see if the issue can be fixed automatically. If this is the first time running the diagnostics you can skip filling in all of the information and click the Start Button and then do not send the diagnostics log and instead test to see if the issue was fixed. If the issue was not fixed then run the Diagnostics N AutoFix again and completed the following and then make sure to send the diagnostics log when prompted.

Choose the device(s) you are running into issues with from the Equipment Information section.

Adding notes to the Additional Notes section is extremely helpful! Please type in a description of the issue you are having.

To start the diagnostics and repair click the Start button.

If your Mobile Hotspot is found to be turned off you will get the following message, click Ok and then click the Continue button to turn on your Mobile Hotspot.

After the program as completed your screen will look something like the following.

Clicking the Send Diagnostics Log Information button allows you to send the diagnostics log to be reviewed.

When you click the Send Diagnostics Log Information button your default web browser will open. If you entered in your name and email address those will already be filled in for you. If you didn’t please enter these so you can get a response.

Next you will need to right click in the large box and then left click on the Paste menu option. This will insert your diagnostics log and then click the SUBMIT button to send your information.

Close your web browser and then click the Close button followed by the Ok button. You can then run SBC and see if the issue was fixed.