Configure Color Theme

When you initially setup SBC you were given three color themes to choose from (Light, Dark and Windows). You can customize the appearance of SBC using the Configure Color Theme option. Start by clicking on the Configuration Tab followed by the Configure Color Theme button.

The SBC Theme Configuration is simple to use with all of the options on a single screen and a live update section on the right so you can see how your change will look.

The center section lets you change the Theme Elements (Background color, normal text color, accent (highlighted) background color as well as the accent text color). You also have an options to choose the frame style (filled or outline only). The default theme options are available in this section as well. To change a Theme Element choose the element you want to change (for example Background).

Next click on the color you want that Theme Element to use from the color wheel located on the left side of the screen.

As you make changes to the Theme Elements the live update section on the right will show those changes.

If you are satisfied with your changes you can click on the Save Color Theme button to save your changes.