Importing A Recipe (Quick & Easy)

So you found a recipe online or a friend send you one in the standard BEERXML recipe file format that you want to brew with your Pico – SBC can do that! To start click on the Recipes Tab.

The right side of the Recipe screen allows you to select a BeerXML recipe file which will display information about that recipe. Clicking the Select BeerXML Recipe File will open the file explorer allowing you to select the file you would like to view.

After selecting your recipe file the section will display some information about that recipe.

You now have a few options. The Load Recipe will load the recipe as it is into the Recipe Creator. Import For Pico C/S/Pro will scale the recipe from it’s original batch size and efficiency to the Pico C/S/Pro size. You also have the option to Import For Z/Zymatic which will scale the recipe to the Z/Zymatic batch size and efficiency. What does does it mean to scale a recipe? In the example about you will notice the recipe is for a 6 1/2 gallon (24.61 liter) batch. If you wanted to brew this beer you would need the ingredients to be scaled down to your Pico’s batch size. In addition to this different brewing equipment and methods are more or less efficient. By importing the recipe SBC will take care of all of this for you. Let say you want this recipe for your Pico C/S/Pro so you would click on the Import For Pico C/S/Pro button and the following screen would be displayed.

You now have this recipe available for your Pico C/S/Pro! Click the View Recipe button to open the recipe in The Recipe Creator. An imported recipe will only be as complete as the original recipe. If the recipe has any MISCS ingredients you may need to view the original recipe, compare and adjust those ingredients as needed. Also a brewing profile may or may not be created and even if it’s created based on the original recipe it most likely will have been for a different brewing method and not for your Pico. See the documents about the Pico C/S/Pro and Z/Zymatic brewing profiles in the Recipe Creator section for more details.