How To Use The Shopping List

In a few different places (Community Recipes, Recipe Creator, My Recipes) you will find the option to add a recipe to the shopping list. The shopping list is a convenient way to combine the ingredient amounts for the recipes you want to brew making it easier to purchase those ingredients. After you have added some recipes to the shopping list click on the Recipes tab.

Next click on the Shopping List button.

The shopping list screen is made up of two parts. On the left is a listing of all of the recipes you have added to your shopping list and the right contains the ingredients to brew those recipes.

You can modify the amount of an ingredient by clicking on the the ingredient you want to change followed by the Change Amount button. The Ingredient list will then change to the screen shown below allowing you to change the amount. If you are happy with your amount change click the Save Changes button otherwise click the Cancel button.

You can also manually add an ingredient to the shopping list. For example let’s say you don’t want to forget to get bottle caps. To add this to the shopping list click the Manual Addition button and the Manual Ingredient Addition screen will be displayed as seen below. From this screen select the Ingredient Type in the case of Bottle Caps you would select Miscs.

Type in a Description of the ingredient you are adding (for example Bottle Caps). If the ingredient is something that is purchased by weight then select True for the Amount is Weight option otherwise choose false. You may also have a Type option to select from. Depending on if the ingredient is by weight or not you will then either enter in a quantity amount or weight. In the case of bottle caps the quantity of 50 has been entered in the screen below.

After saving the changes by clicking on the Save Changes button you will now see a new recipe added to the recipe list called Manual Additions. This recipe will contain all of the manual ingredients that you have added as well as any changes to the amounts that you have made.

In addition to having the option to print the shopping list you can also send a copy of the shopping list to your email. When sending the shopping list to your email you can have the shopping list include which recipe(s) the ingredients are used in or not. When including this information the email will be a little longer.

If you want to remove a recipe from the shopping list you simply click on the recipe name and then click the Remove Recipe button. You will be prompted to confirm the removal of the recipe. After the recipe has been removed the ingredient list will be updated to reflect the changes.

When you are finished with your shopping list you can empty it by clicking on the Empty Shopping List button.