Adjust Recipe (Advanced Feature)

If you have created a recipe or scaled a recipe however the statistics do not match up with what you wanted or the original recipe. The Recipe Creator has a special feature called Adjust Recipe that allows you to make adjustments and see the changes in real time. To start click the Adjust Recipe button located under the Ingredients heading.

The Adjust Recipe screen will now be shown and is divided up into several sections.

At the top left you will see three tabs (Fermentables, Hops and Miscs) – you will use these to switch between the type of ingredients you want to adjust.

Below the ingredient tabs will be the listing of the ingredients and the amounts in the recipe.

Located below the listing of ingredients is the original and adjusted weights. You can use these to compare how much / less additional ingredients your changes have made.

The center section is where you will make all of your changes. You can make changes to the Entire Recipe or a Single Ingredient. You can also reset the ingredients back to what they were before you started adjusting them as well as max out the grains to the C/S/Pro or Z/Zymatic. Although you really shouldn’t put too much in the machines as that can cause issues. It’s recommended you keep it to less than 4 1/2 pounds on the C/S/Pro and 8 1/2 pounds on the Z/Zymatic to play it safe.

The right side shows the effect your adjustments have on the recipe as compared to the original (what you started with).

The bottom has two buttons – the Cancel Changes will return you to the main Recipe Creator screen and doesn’t update the recipe with any changes you have made whereas the Update Recipe With Changes button will commit the changes to the recipe and then will return you to the main Recipe Creator Screen.

For example if you entered in or scaled a recipe and the IBUs and or SRM (color) did not match to original recipe as seen below with the recipe in SBC vs the Statistics from the original recipe on the right. You can adjust the recipe until it falls in line with the original statistics.

In this case our IBUs are 5 higher (40 vs 35) and the color of the beer is 9 SRM higher (40 vs 31). Let’s start by adjusting the fermentables first to get the color corrected. You will want to look at the darkest grains and adjust those in order the lighten the beer color.

This recipe has three grains that are adding the darker color to the recipe with the Roasted Barley at 300, Black Malt at 500 and the Chocolate Malt at 350. Lets first make each of these ingredients to even amounts (i.e. the 3.04oz of Roasted Barley let’s change to 3 ounces. The Black and Chocolate Malts let’s change from 1.52 ounces to 1.50 ounces. To do this click on the malt you want to adjust.

Next use the arrows next to the Ounces or Grams to adjust the amount for this ingredient. If the amounts are very small you may be able to get it close. In the case of the Black and Chocolate malts the closest will be 1.48 ounces (42 grams).

Making these changes you can see the SRM (color) has dropped from 40 to 39. The original recipe statistics showed a SRM of 31 so we still have a little more adjustments to make. You can adjust each of these as little or as much as you want however make sure to adjust them all by the same amount. For example by adding or subtracting 1 to 5 grams at a time for the Black Malt and then the same amount for the other two malts.

After you have made the adjustments and the SRM matches the statistics that were from the original recipe you may notice the Adjusted Original Gravity has changed from the Original. To get this back inline with the Original recipe you will now need to adjust the base malt in this case that is the 2-Row Malt (USA). In the same way make small amount changes until the Original Gravity matches (Adjusted vs Original).

With the SRM (color) and the Original Gravity inline with the statistics from the original recipe we can now move onto the Hops. Click the Hops tab located at the top left of the screen.

Hops with the longest time will be the bittering hops. In this case the recipe has the Northern Brewer Hop with 60 minutes in boil time. Click on that hop and then again make small adjustments until the IBU’s match the original recipes statistics.

Making these small adjustments you will be able to get the recipe very close to the original recipe. If you are not able to achieve the exact IBUs you can increase / decrease the Hop Time. If you adjust the Hop Time make sure to also change the Boil Time at the top of the Recipe Creator to match the new longer Hop addition time. In this case by adjusting the Boil Time of the Northern Brewer hop by 2 additional minutes we are able to bring the recipe inline with the original recipe statistics.

Original Recipe Statistics:

Once you have achieved the desired results click the Update Recipe With Changes button.

You will now be back on the main Recipe Creator screen. If you made changes to the Boil time of a hop you will need to reflect that change in the Boil Time Minutes section. In the example above we increased the boil time of the one hop from 60 minutes to 62 minutes.

Your recipe is now inline with the original recipe.