Configure The Small Brew Companion (SBC)

The first time you ran SBC the initial setup allowed you to configure the command SBC settings. Should you want to change or update any of your options click on the Configuration Tab followed by the Configure SBC button.

The main SBC configuration screen looks like the screen below. This will contain the information that you entered during the initial setup and is divided into different sections

The left side of the screen contains your information including name, email address, your brewery name and more. Some of this information is used within SBC and some has not at this point.

The top of the middle section has your location information. The altitude that your machine is at controls the “boiling temperature” that is used when creating a brewing profile and brewing that recipe. Select the altitude range for your location from the pull down menu.

The middle of the screen contains the Display Temperature option. Select the temperature unit that you would like SBC to use.

If you are using distilled water as your brewing water then the My Water Information section located at the bottom of the middle section of the screen should contain all 0 (zeros). If you are not using distilled water and you have a water report you can enter that information and SBC will use it to create water additions within the Recipe Creator.

The right side of the screen has a couple of options and settings as well some information about your network connection(s). The Auto Modify Host File option is required in order to direct your Pico devices to communicate with SBC. Make sure this option has a check mark in it. The Create Diagnostics Log option is optional however should you have an issue this file may be requested to be able to see what is happening so it’s recommended to have a check mark in this box. The Refresh Network List button will update the box to the left with information about your network connection(s). The Configure Windows 10 Mobile Hotspot will open the Windows 10/11 Mobile Hotspot window should you want to check or make changes to your Mobile Hotspot.

The Diagnostics & Repair button allows SBC to check and repair some of the common issues that prevent your Pico devices from communicating with SBC. Clicking this button will produce a message box asking you to confirm that you want to run the diagnostics. You will also be instructed to turn off all of your Picobrew devices. See the document on how to use the Diagnostics and Repair for information on how to use this feature.

After you have made changes to your SBC configuration make sure to click the Save Configuration button!