Z / Zymatic – Improved WiFi With TP-Link AC750 Wireless Portable Nano Travel Router(TL-WR902AC)

The wireless that is built into the Z and Zymatic doesn’t perform very well (very weak signal). By using this external device you can greatly increase the WiFi connection from your Z or Zymatic to your SBC Mobile Hotspot. This device is readily available and sells for $35 to $40 typically.

To setup the TP-Link TL-WR902AC start by switching the switch to the AP/Rng Ext/Client mode. This switch is located on the side of the unit. After you have changed the switch plug the USB cord that comes with it into the unit and then into the supplied power unit and plug into a standard wall outlet.

At this point make sure you have SBC running and your Mobile Hotspot turned on. Using a phone or tablet you will now connect to the TP-Link unit’s WiFi. This allows you to configure the unit to connect to the Mobile Hotspot on your computer. You will see a WiFi network that starts with TP-Link followed by some additional information. Click to connect to that network.

You will be prompted to type in the WiFi password for the unit. The password is printed in VERY tiny print on a label that is attached to the unit. Type in the password from the label and then click the Connect button.

You may receive a message telling you that this device does not supply internet – chose the Connect only this time option or any other option that allows you to go ahead and connect to the device.

Once connected open your internet browser and go to the address tplinkwifi.net which will bring up the Create Login Password screen. Type in the password you would like to use for this device (this is only needed if you want to re-configure the unit).

After entering in your password twice and clicking the Start button the Quick Setup – Start screen will appear. Click the Next button to continue.

The Operation Mode screen will now be displayed. On this screen you will need to choose the Client option and then click the Next button.

The AP List will now be displayed showing the WiFi networks available in your area. You will want to choose the SSID for your Mobile Hotspot. In the screen below the Mobile Hotspot is called SBCPICO. Not shown on the screen below is a Connect link to the right side of the WiFi you want to connect to. If not shown (as seen below) you will need to scroll to the right to see that option.

After clicking on the Connect option for your Mobile Hotspot the ip-Wireless screen will be displayed. On this screen the only thing you need to do is enter the Password for your Mobile Hotspot and then click the Next button.

The Network Setting screen will now be shown – the default settings have been tested with this device with the Z and Zymatic so you do not need to change anything and can simply click the Next button.

The Review Setting screen is now shown. Verify you have selected your Mobile Hotspot (SSID) and you have typed in the correct Wireless Password for your Mobile Hotspot then Click the Finish Button.

A progress screen will now be shown. You will need to allow this screen to finish (100%) and then wait a minute or two before continuing.

After the progress has completed and you waited an additional minute or two you can now unplug the TP-Link unit from power and then move to the location of your Z / Zymatic and plug into power and then plug one side of the supplied network cable into the unit and the other side into the Z / Zymatic’s network port. Wait a few minutes to allow the TP-Link unit to boot up and then turn on your Z / Zymatic. If needed select the Network / Ethernet connection option (not the WiFi connection). Your Z / Zymatic is now using the TP-Link unit to connect to your Mobile Hotspot and SBC! You should notice your recipes and brewing sessions should run much smoother using this device vs the built in WiFi connection of the Z or Zymatic.