How To Connect Your Pico To SBC

Connecting your Pico to SBC is super easy! When you installed SBC you also configured your Mobile Hotspot which is what will allows your Pico to communicate with SBC. With your Mobile Hotspot turned on and SBC running and on the Home screen turn on your Pico. You will want to have it connect to your Mobile Hotspot instead of your normal house WiFi. If you setup your Mobile Hotspot with the same information as in the sample your Mobile Hotspot name is SBCPICO with a password of picopico.

When your Pico connects to your Mobile Hotspot it will be communicating with SBC and you will receive a New Device Or Machine Detected popup window as shown below.

Select from the list on the left which type of device you just connected. In this example let’s say we turned on a Pico C and connected it to our Mobile Hotspot, so we would select the Picobrew Pico C option from the list. Next we want to give this machine a nickname that is used within SBC. If you only have one Pico C you might call it something like My Pico C. You can be as creative as you want here and the nickname is shown in a few places within SBC.

After you have finished selecting which device you have connected and typed in a nickname for it click the Save button. The New Device or Machine Detected window will close and you will be back on the Home screen. You will also notice at the bottom of the screen in the Machine Communications section some information.