Adding A Brewing Profile For The Z / Zymatic

Adding a brewing profile to a recipe allows the recipe to be brewed by your Z / Zymatic as well as you can share the recipe with so they too will have the brewing profile that was used to brew the beer. To start creating a brewing profile for the Z / Zymatic click on the Z / Zy Profile button located below the Brewing Steps heading.

The Pico Z / Zymatic Brewing Profile shows some information along the top of the screen including the starting water you will want to use when brewing your recipe.

The Infusion option will have a few options to choose from. The beer style option is a brewing profile that has been designed for the beer style and has been fine tuned over the years. Let’s select the American Stout option.

All of the brewing steps have been added to allow your Z / Zymatic to brew this recipe.

Next you will need to select if you are going to be using a chiller as part of the brewing session.

Should you want to change any of the brewing steps you can use the buttons on the right side.

At this point the brewing profile for this recipe is complete!