Installing SBC

After downloading SBC open your downloads folder and you should have a file that looks something like this (version number could be different then the one shown in this image).

Double click on the SBC file and a new window will open showing the contents of the compressed file. This will look like the following window.

The file shown could be named differently as it changes with each version. Double click on the SBC application file to start the installation. You may receive the following window.

If you receive the above window click on the More Info text and the following screen will appear.

Next click on the Run anyway button to start the installation. At this point depending on how your computer is configured you may or may not receive the following window.

If you receive the above window this means it needs your approval to allow the program to install. You will need to click the Yes button to install SBC and you will be greeted by The Small Brew Companion’s installation screen as shown below. Click the Next button to continue.

You will the be presented with the License Agreement window. In order to install SBC you will need to accept the agreement and then click the Next button.

The Select Destination Location window allows you to decide where on your computer to install SBC. It’s recommended that you leave the default location and click the Next button to continue.

The Select Start Menu Folder window allows you to choose how SBC will be listed on the Windows Start Menu. It’s recommended you use the default Start Menu Folder and click Next to continue.

You will then be presented with the Select Additional Tasks window. SBC requires running as an Administrator in order to be able to communicate with your Pico devices. The Create a desktop shortcut will place a shortcut on your desktop making it easier to run SBC. It’s recommended that both of these options remain checked and then click the Next button to continue.

Almost Finished! The following window is a summary of the options you have selected. Click the Install button to install SBC.

You have now installed SBC! Click the Finish button to close the installation software.

On your desktop you will now see a new icon for The Small Brew Companion as shown below. You now have SBC installed on your computer!