Scale Recipe To Pico C/S/Pro (Manual Steps)

Scaling a recipe allows you to convert a recipe that was intended to be brewed using a different method, different batch size and different efficiency. This opens up a huge amount of recipes you can now brew on your Pico! To start download a BeerXML recipe that you would like to brew from one of the online websites. Make sure the recipe is an All-Grain recipe. To scale the recipe start by clicking on the Recipes tab.

Next click the Select BeerXML Recipe File button and then select the BeerXML recipe file you want to scale followed by the Load Recipe button.

You now have the recipe loaded into the SBC Recipe Creator.

You’ll notice at the top of the screen a few details about the recipe – for this recipe the batch size is 6 1/2 gallons (24.61 liters) and the efficiency is 79%. For a Pico C/S/Pro batch you will be brewing a 1.32 gallon (5 liters) batch at around 50% efficiency. Let’s start by scaling the ingredients from the current batch size and efficiency to the Pico C/S/Pro batch size and efficiency by clicking on the Scale Recipe button located under the Batch Size.

A popup window will be displayed showing the current batch size – to scale this recipe to the Pico C/S/Pro you will now click on the C/S/Pro Batch Size & Efficiency button.

The New Batch Size will now reflect the Pico C/S/Pro’s batch size and efficiency. Click on the Scale Recipe Button located below this information.

If the recipe contains any Misc ingredients (these will sometimes be spices, flavorings, etc) which may have amounts such as 1 tsp instead of a weight. When a recipe contains any Misc ingredients you will be presented with a message as seen below. If you receive this message you will want to close out of the recipe creator and load the recipe once again and then take note of the amounts as you may need to manually calculate these by dividing the amount(s) by the current batch size and then multiply by the new batch size of 1.32.

You will now notice the section at the top of the screen reflects your Pico C/S/Pro batch size and efficiency.

The ingredient amounts have now been scale from the original recipe size. The next step will be to create a brewing profile for your Pico C/S/Pro so you can brew this recipe. Click on the Pico Profile button located on the left side of the screen.

If the recipe has a boil time which is longer than the longest hop addition you will be prompted with a question. If you want your Pico to add a pre-hop boil time click yes otherwise click no.

On the Pico C/S/Pro Brewing Profile screen you have the option to manually enter in your mash schedule or you can select a recommended infusion schedule which is based on the recipe’s beer style. Unless you want to create your own infusion schedule you can click the box to have the recommended infusion schedule.

The infusion schedule will be updated with the recommended times and temperatures. If these are not then this recipe does not have a valid beer style currently set. You can correct this by clicking on the Style button located at the top left of the screen, select the beer style for this recipe and then return to the Pico Profile and repeat the steps to update the profile. If brewing on a Pico S or Pro you can select a brewing image to be shown during the brewing session.

You can now save this recipe by click on the Save Recipe button. Additionally if you want to brew this recipe you can click on the Save To OnDeck button which will make the brewing profile available to your Pico.