Adding, Modifying & Removing Fermentables

Fermentables includes ingredients that the yeast is going to convert from sugars to alcohol. To start adding Fermentables click the Fermentables button located under the Ingredients heading.

This will switch to the listing of Fermentables. To the right of the listing are the buttons you will use to Add, Remove, Modify as well as add any Fermentables that are not already contained in the SBC ingredient database. Below the Fermentables ingredient list will show the number of Fermentables and the total weight of them. A graph will also be shown detailing this information as well. To the right of the Fermentables graph the same information will be shown for the Hops that are contained in your recipe.

Let’s start adding the Fermentables for Our House Stout to the recipe by clicking on the Add button.

The Fermentables database will now be shown and you can select from the listing as well as search the database for a specific ingredient rather than scrolling through the list. Since the first ingredient we want to add is the second on the list let’s click on the 2-Row Malt (USA) from the listing.

The top of the right section will now show the name of the ingredient you selected and is waiting for you to enter in the amount you want to use in this recipe.

From here you can enter in the weight for the ingredient in either Pounds and Ounces or Kilograms and Grams. Whichever you choose to use the others will be calculated for you. This allows recipes to be shared with people who use either weight units as well as it is much easier to weight very small amounts in grams vs ounces (as in the case of very small amounts of hops).

For this recipe we are going to be use 2 pounds and 12 ounces of the 2-Row Malt (USA). This can be entered in a few different ways. You could enter a 2 in the Pounds box and then 12 in the Ounces box

You could enter 2.75 in the Pounds box and this will be calculated as 2 pounds and 12 ounces. After pressing the TAB key or clicking on one of the other boxes or buttons you will notice the Kilograms and Grams will also be filled in for you.

After pressing the TAB key

Have you have entered in the weight of this ingredient you click the Add To Recipe button to add this ingredient to Our House Stout Recipe.

Let’s continue with the ingredients that need to go into Our House Stout recipe. The next ingredient is a Candi Syrup that is 240 degrees Lovibond. This is normally listed as 240L. Rather than scroll down the list we will use the search time time. Type 40L in the search box and then either click the Search button or simply press the Enter key on your keyboard.

After pressing enter or clicking the Search button your search results will be displayed. In this case two ingredients were found that contained 40L in their name. We want the first ingredient in the list which is the Belgian Candi Syrup – 240L so we would click on that ingredient.

For this ingredient we want to add 4 ounces so we would type 4 in the Ounces box and then click the Add To Recipe Button.

As you enter in your ingredients you will notice the section on the right of the Recipe Creator will update the statistics.

Now that we have added our Belgian Candi Syrup 240L malt the list still shows the two ingredients that showed up from our search.

To return to the full list click on the Clear Search button.

With the full listing back now we can continue to add the rest of our ingredients. Continue by adding 2 ounces of Roasted Barley, 1 ounce of Black Malt and then 1 ounce of Chocolate Malt. When adding the final ingredient click the Add Then Return To Recipe button instead of the Add To Recipe button. If you clicked the Add To Recipe Button on the last ingredient you can click the Cancel button instead.

Back on the main Recipe Creator screen you will now see all of the ingredients that you have added.

You’ll notice the bottom part of the screen has updated with the total weight of your Fermentables and the graph has as well. You can click on one of the ingredients or place your mouse on any of the sections of the graph to see how much of your recipe that ingredient is taking up.

What if you entered in the wrong ingredient? As you can see I added 4 ounces of Belgian Candi Syrup – 240L when I really wanted to add 4 ounces of Caramel / Crystal Malt 40L. To correct this all you need to do is click on the ingredient you want to remove. In this example we would click on Belgian Candi Syrup – 240L and then click on the Remove button.

After clicking on the Remove button you will be prompted to confirm you want to remove the ingredient. Since this is not the ingredient we wanted click the Yes button to remove the Belgian Candi Syrup – 240L ingredient from Our House Stout recipe.

The Belgian Candi Syrup – 240L has now been removed from the ingredients list.

We would now add 4 ounces of the Caramel / Crystal Malt 40L to our recipe by clicking on the Add button, select the correct malt this time and type a 4 in the Ounces box then the Add Then Return To Recipe button to add this ingredient and return to the main recipe screen.

Our Fermentables list is now completed!

Should you want to alter the amount of one of the Fermentables you can simply click on the ingredient and then click on the Modify button. This recipe is looking pretty good but I think we want a little more of that Caramel / Crystal Malt 40L. Click on that ingredient and then the Modify button.

The Modify Fermentables screen will be displayed.

We currently have 4 ounces of the Caramel / Crystal Malt 40L in our recipe however we have decided to increase that to 5 ounces. Replace the 4.00 in the Weight in Ounces box with the number 5 and then click the Save Changes button.

Our recipe has now been updated with the new amount for the Caramel / Crystal Malt 40L.

What if the SBC Fermentables database doesn’t contain the ingredient you want to use in the Our House Stout? No problem you can click the Manual Addition Button to add the ingredient. Adding ingredients that are not already in the SBC databases will be discussed in a different document. You have now added all of the Fermentables to the Our House Stout Recipe!