Community Recipes

The Community Recipes contains hundreds of recipes for your Pico to brew! Each of the recipes includes the ingredient amounts as well as the brewing profile making them easy to brew. To get started click on the Community Recipes button located in the Recipes section.

The first time you open the Community Recipes it will take a little while to acquire the recipes and put together the recipe book for you. After this initial time loading the Community Recipes will be much faster. When you click on the Community Recipes you will be greeted with the following screen.

After everything is downloaded and the recipe books have been assembled you will have the above screen. If this is the first time you have opened the Community Recipes or if new recipes have been added you will also have the following screen.

If you receive this screen it will show new recipes that have been added since the last time you opened the Community Recipes. After you have reviewed the last you can click the Close button at the top right. If this is the first time opening the Community Recipes this list will contain hundreds of recipes a no need to review it. The Community Recipes is separated into two recipe books, one for the Pico C/S/Pro and the other for the Z/Zymatic. Select the recipe book that you want to view.

The Table of Contents shows a listing of all of the different beer categories to choose from. If you are looking for a specific style of beer you can click on that style to jump to that section of the recipe book. Also available from the Table of Contents is a NEW button which will show the listing of new recipes, TOC takes you back to the Table of Contents, the magnify glass opens the search page and at the bottom right is an option to view an index of all of the recipes in the book. If you want to browse the book you can use the arrow buttons located at the bottom left and right of the book to ‘flip’ thru the pages.

As you browse the recipe book or if you select a beer style you will be presented with the section page that gives a little information about that style of beer as well as a listing of all of the recipes that fall into that beer style.

The recipe pages will give a description of the beer, listing of all of the ingredients as well as any recipe notes. On this page you can Save the recipe to your My Recipes folder, Print the recipe or Open the recipe in The Recipe Creator.

Clicking on the Save To My Recipes will display a confirmation popup letting you know the recipe is no available in your My Recipes folder.

Clicking on the Print Recipe option will provide you with a popup window that allows you to select what information you want to print. SBC contains lots of different printouts and you may want to print each to get a better feel for each of them. You can also select the Microsoft Print To PDF as the printer to save each of the printouts to a standard PDF document.

The search page provides lots of different ways of searching. You can limit your searches by ABV, IBU, SRM ranges, Beer Styles and you can even search for recipes that contain a certain ingredient!