Details Overview

Contained in the top section is the Recipe Details as seen below.

In this section you will enter in the name of this recipe (for example Our House Stout). You should include at a minimum your name as the brewer and then include any assistant brewer as well. The Recipe type has three options to choose from. If you are using all grains which is what is most common with the Pico machines you would choose the All Grain option. The current date will already be entered in the Recipe Date area however you can change as needed. The Boil Time is how long you want your Pico to boil (near boil in these machines) the wort. This will normally be 60 to 90 minutes or the length of your longest hop addition whichever is greater. The Estimated Mash Efficiency is how well your brewing device is able to convert the grains to ferment-able sugars, for the Pico C/S/Pro this is normally around 50 percent and 55 percent for the Z and Zymatic. The Recipe Version allows you to add a version to the recipe, normally this will be version 1 however is you were to make changes to the recipe you may want to add a new version (such as version 2) to keep better track of your changes. NOTE: if you are wanting to keep different versions of your recipe in your My Recipes you should add to / change the recipe name otherwise the recipe will be overwritten with the new version. For example Our House Stout could be Our House Stout V2 for version 2.

The Batch Size section reflects the recipe’s batch size. This will normally by 1.32 Gallons / 5 Liters for the Pico C/S/Pro and 2.5 Gallons / 9.46 Liters for the Pico Z and Zymatic. If you wanted to create a larger or smaller recipe you would change the batch size to reflect the size of the recipe you are creating.

After you have brewed your beer you can revisit the recipe and add your original gravity (OG) and then your final gravity (FG). This will allow SBC to calculate the actual efficiency that you achieved as well as the attenuation and the alcohol by volume (ABV).